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Hypnotherapy For Weight Loss

Achieve long-term, sustainable weight loss by addressing emotional eating at its root cause. Hypnotherapy for weight loss transforms your mentality with expert guidance and support.

Want to Lose Weight & Find A Healthier You? Try Hypnosis for Weight Loss.

Most of the clients who come to me for weight loss hypnotherapy have an emotional eating problem and an unhealthy relationship with food, both of which they may or may not realise they have.

Once we identify these to be the underlying cause for their inability to lose weight, we can then use weight loss hypnotherapy to clear these emotional blocks, help you establish healthier eating habits and build a better relationship with food through true behavioural change.

How Does Hypnosis for Weight Loss Work?

The brain is an incredible thing, and it has different levels of consciousness, ranging from fully alert, to drowsy, to asleep, and variations in between. A hypnotic state occurs naturally and spontaneously – sometimes without you even being aware. You might be zoned out while watching the TV or doing the dishes, in a completely relaxed state.

During weight loss hypnotherapy sessions, you are completely in control while being guided to this dream-like state of relaxation, where your mind becomes more receptive and focused. In this state of focus, we’ll give guided suggestions aligned with your goals that you’ll be far more receptive to than in your usual conscious state, paving the way for deeper processing and real change. We dig deeper, find the root cause of overeating, and look to address those emotions.

Think of it like a blooming plant. During this trance-like state, we plant the seeds of change. This takes root and blooms as you continue your weight loss hypnotherapy. Hypnosis for weight loss truly works because often, it’s a “mind” thing – you just need to allow yourself to grow.

Hypnotherapy is an alternative therapy that considers you as a whole person – your emotions, mind, body and spirit. It aids in changing your mindset, and helps reprogram the brain to stop bad habits that result in weight gain, binge eating, and emotional eating.

What Can You Achieve?

Why work with Stellar Hypnotherapy

The Stellar Difference

Here at Stellar Hypnotherapy, we value your wellness in its entirety – mind, body and soul. I know it all works together to create a healthier, happier you. Rest assured, you are in good hands.

The Stellar difference is:

  • A proven track record, backed by a large number of client success stories and return clients
  • Clinical training and extended experience in hypnotherapy
  • True intuition to guide and create deep connections with you, so that we can direct your treatment for maximum benefit
  • Transparency, authenticity, and a genuine relationship with clients
  • Sessions designed and tailored to your individual needs
  • A unique approach to hypnotherapy… that works

Improving your health and wellbeing is my greatest passion, and I look forward to working with you!

The Result?

The clients find themselves able to lose weight naturally and with more ease, are able to keep the weight off, and they can finally enjoy a healthier, happier life. They also feel empowered as they take back control and are no longer bogged down by food cravings and excess weight!

Online and In Person Hypnotherapy Options

Online and In Person Hypnosis for Weight Loss

Are you interested in hypnotherapy for weight loss and don’t live locally? We specialise in helping our clients no matter where they are. Book in a 15 minute call for FREE and start your online hypnotherapy for weight loss journey TODAY!

Client Testimonials

Jacqui A.

Meeting Jowee was a very positive experience for me. She was very dedicated to getting to the root of my dysfunction with food and other behaviours.

Her friendly yet professional manner created a safe environment for me to share and discover my own strengths and goals for the future.

I would recommend Jowee to anyone seeking real help with any difficulties in their lifestyle choices.

Megan L.

Absolutely amazing experience working with Jowee. For more than 20 years I’ve had a huge problem with eating vegetables. I was having anxiety at even the thought of putting even the smallest amount of vegetables in my mouth. But within one session working with Jowee I’ve been able to eat a whole range of vegetables- something I never thought would be possible.
Although I’m not eating bowls of salads just yet (all good things take time) I am so optimistic for my future health.
So grateful to have had her guidance and support, Jowee has truly changed my life for the better!

Rima A.

Jowee is simply amazing! After the first session itself I feel like i am more in control of my cravings, ready to make conscious decisions when it comes to food while visualizing my goal all the time so as to stay focused! I have struggled with emotional/ stress eating ever since I became a mum and while diets have helped me loose weight from time to time.. it always bounces back the moment i am feeling too stressed in life.. What Jowee offers is a more permanent and long term solution and she’s so good at it, pays such great attention to you, in understanding the deepest underlying issue, that the whole experience turns out to be really life changing. I feel relaxed, more confident and happier and have a better control over my emotions just after 1 session with her!
I highly recommend Jowee’s Hypnotherapy!! 😊


Right from the first meeting with Jowee, I knew I had made the right decision to see her.
I felt stuck with an unhealthy relationship with food for as long as I could remember but had never found any long-term solutions. Thanks to Jowee, I’m now free of it. Jowee went straight to the inner source of the problem and the effects have been life-changing. The positive results I’ve experienced have helped immensely with disordered eating and also shown success and healing throughout every aspect of my life. Jowee is kind and genuinely passionate about helping people. I would 100% recommend Stellar Hypnotherapy.

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Frequently Asked Questions

It’s happened again. You’ve eaten your feelings. You feel ashamed and perhaps unwell because you’ve eaten too much again.

You know it will likely happen again when you’re next feeling sad or stressed, but you don’t know how to control it or where to begin…

  • Do you suddenly feel hungry when you only ate a few hours ago?
  • Do you binge on food and not feel full?
  • Do you feel guilt and shame by your eating habits?
  • Do you binge when you are feeling, happy, sad, stressed or overwhelmed?
  • If you’ve answered yes to some of these questions, you may be an emotional eater.

Emotional eating affects both men and women and may be caused by several factors, including stress, hormonal changes, sadness, fear and anxiety.

It isn’t remedied by diet trends or killer exercises. Resolving the underlying emotions is the only way to address the problem.

Don’t worry, the goal of hypnotherapy for weight loss is NOT to make you hate food, stop eating the foods you love or stop eating altogether! It’s about helping you control your emotions, manage your eating habits and build a positive relationship with food, so you can lose weight naturally and with much more ease and joy.

Developing healthier eating habits will help you lose weight naturally, and building a positive relationship with food without deprivation or fad diets will result in a happier, healthier you.

If you’re looking for a super quick fix for weight-loss or your emotional eating, using hypnotherapy for weight loss is not for you.

Whether your emotional eating stems from trauma, anxiety, stress or depression, hypnotherapy takes time.

I recommend 5 – 8 sessions for long-lasting results.

Some added benefits? While working through emotional eating using hypnotherapy, clients often become kinder and more loving to themselves (less internal battles), and they report experiencing a noticeable boost in wellbeing even after just a few sessions.

I specialise in weight loss and emotional eating hypnosis, so you’re in safe hands.

Studies have shown that the areas of the brain responsible for action control and awareness are more active during hypnosis and, what’s more, these areas of the brain that usually work together begin to act more independently.

Essentially, the way your brain processes information changes during hypnotherapy – meaning you’re able to start taking actions towards your health goals.

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