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How Hypnotherapy Can Help with Binge Eating and Weight Loss

How Hypnotherapy Can Help With Binge Eating and Weight Loss

Hypnotherapy is a technique used to help people overcome an array of issues through the use of hypnosis. This alternative form of therapy can aid in changing the mindset, and also helps in reprogramming the brain to stop bad habits that result in weight gain, binge eating, and emotional eating.

It’s quite common for people to turn to food as a means of emotional support. From an ice cream binge after a breakup to an indulgent meal following a stressful day at work, emotional eating is oftentimes used to combat stress, disappointment, depression, and so on. When this occurs, it can feel like an uphill battle when trying to lose weight or stop binge eating.

Because food is such an integral part of daily life ranging from regular family meals and holidays to funerals and wedding, in some ways, it shouldn’t come as a surprise that it is used as a crutch, or sense of comfort. However, overeating, opting for unhealthy food choices, or eating large amounts of food sporadically can have detrimental effects on overall health.

How Does Hypnosis Work?

For centuries, various forms of hypnosis have been used to address issues including smoking, bed-wetting, and weight loss. During a state of hypnosis, the conscious and unconscious mind are more collaborative, due to the state of extreme relaxation.

While in this mental state, a person is more responsive to verbal suggestions and mental images that provide support in changing behaviors, thought processes, and habits.

A session of hypnotherapy involves guided hypnosis that replaces negative thought patterns and self-destructive habits with positive changes while the person is in this receptive state of unconsciousness. This is why it is beneficial in alleviating eating issues and helping with weight loss.

Hypnotherapy needs to be administered by a trained professional, as this expert is well equipped in directing a person’s focus in a way that addresses the issue. Not only is it successful for many people, upon completing a session of hypnotherapy, you will feel more relaxed and calm, yet also more motivated to make healthy choices.

Hypnotherapy for Weight Loss

Extensive research has been conducted on hypnotherapy for weight loss. For example, one study involving 60 participants were treated with hypnotherapy and within 3 months, all participants had lost 2-3% weight loss and at an 18-month follow-up, each person had lost an average of 8 pounds. When this method is applied, it can help an individual commit to making healthy food choices and exercising regularly.

Hypnotherapy for Emotional and Binge Eating

Most everyone has sought the comfort of food at least once in their life. However, when it becomes a form of escape on a routine basis, there is reason for concern, especially if it results in packing on the pounds.

Hypnotherapy is gentle, non-invasive and an ideal solution for changing unwanted habits. Book a Free Clarity Call with me today to see if hypnosis can help with your emotional eating issues.