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What Does Hypnotherapy Feel Like?

Hypnosis is very relaxing, almost like taking a nap, but falling asleep is not required.

One of the most common questions I hear is ‘what does hypnosis feel like?’. This an understandable question, especially considering the stereotypes surrounding hypnosis. Most of us have been conditioned to view hypnosis as a mystical trance where a person loses control over their body and is vulnerable to commands.

Here, we’ll answer ‘what does hypnotherapy feel like’ so you can know more about what to expect during a hypnotherapy session.

What Does Hypnosis Feel Like?

Although hypnosis is a subjective experience, here are some of the most common things you may notice during hypnosis.

Hypnosis Can Involve Various Feelings and Physical Sensations

During a hypnotherapy session, you may notice different feelings or sensations. Some individuals report feeling positive emotions, such as gratitude, joy, relief, or even humour.

Possible emotions and sensations you may experience during hypnosis include:

  • The sensation of sinking comfortably and deeply into your chair in a relaxed state
  • Your body becomes relaxed and heavy
  • Your body feels lighter, as if you are drifting or floating
  • Feeling colder or warmer
  • Subtle tingling in the extremities

Hypnosis Is Often Considered Relaxing

Along with varying emotions and sensations, many people report feelings of deep relaxation during hypnosis. These relaxed feelings may even persist after the hypnosis session is complete.

Some individuals feel mentally relaxed, while others report their entire body and muscles feeling relaxed. The level of relaxation can be subtle or profound, depending on the individual.

Hypnosis Can Lead to Physiological Responses

Hypnosis can produce measurable physiological changes, including:

  • Catalepsy, a reduction in movement
  • Fidgeting
  • Subconscious muscular twitching
  • Subconscious responses to hypnotic suggestions (i.e. feeling like you are drifting after a hypnotist suggests your body feels light)
  • Changes in skin tone, such as flushing
  • Slower breathing rate and lower blood pressure

Hypnosis Can Help You Feel Deep Focus

Hypnosis can bring you into a state of deep focus. You may find that you are so intent on listening to the hypnotist that you end up blocking out background noises completely.

The level of focus experienced by an individual during a hypnosis session can depend on their motivation, overall mood, and if they have been hypnotised before. With increased sessions, some individuals report feeling a deeper sense of focus.

During Hypnosis, You Are Still In Control

Many people worry that hypnosis involves a loss of control where they’ll be helpless. Although it is a common myth that people lose control or black out during hypnosis, this is not the case at all.

During hypnosis, you’ll still be in complete control and aware of your surroundings. However, it may feel like things, such as the sounds around you, have been muted or turned down.

Being in a state of hypnosis is often likened to daydreaming or being lost in your thoughts. You’ll be subtly aware of your environment but more focused on your internal experience or the suggestions of the hypnotist than external stimuli.

You May Notice a Wandering Mind During Hypnosis

It is commonly assumed that your entire focus will be on what your hypnotherapist says to you during a session. However, you may find that your mind wanders during a hypnotherapy session.

You may find yourself completely focused on the hypnotherapist, or you may find yourself thinking about other things. Either scenario is normal and you may even experience a mix of both during your session.

Hypnosis Often Mimics Meditation or Sleep

Many people believe hypnosis involves sleep but this is a common myth. Hypnosis works by reprogramming the subconscious mind, meaning you need to be conscious for a session to be effective.

Still, hypnosis can feel similar to sleep or meditation since it mimics the feelings individuals often experience as they fall asleep. The brain waves of individuals transitioning from an alert state to a state of sleep are similar to the brain waves of an individual in hypnosis.

Hypnosis is also compared to a meditative state but there are differences between the two. Meditation focuses on clearing the mind and quieting thoughts whereas hypnosis is focused on engaging subconsciously with the suggestions offered by your hypnotherapist.

Hypnosis May Feel Like Nothing

As mentioned before, hypnosis is a completely individual experience that will differ from person to person. For some people, hypnosis may not feel like much at all. Some individuals feel completely ‘normal’ throughout the entire session.

Some individuals are more suggestible to hypnosis and will notice enhanced sensations and responses, such as deep relaxation or positive emotions. Individuals who are less susceptible to hypnotic suggestions may hardly notice any emotions or sensations.

Fortunately, the success of your hypnotherapy session is not dependent on how suggestible you are. Whether you experience notable feelings or not, you can still reap the benefits of hypnosis.

Even if you only experience a light hypnotic state, you can still achieve results and be open to positive subconscious reframing.

You May Not Even Remember Your Hypnosis

While your hypnotherapist probably won’t give you a suggestion to forget the hypnosis session, you may still have trouble remembering all the details of the session. Or, you may have a vivid memory of the process.

Think of it like a group watching a movie — some people in the group will remember different parts of the movie, some individuals will only remember certain scenes, and some people may not remember many details at all.

Your hypnosis experience will be unique to you and may even differ from session to session. Some sessions may be hard to recall once they are over while you may remember other sessions in great detail.

What To Expect During a Hypnosis Session

Before a hypnosis session, we’ll go over all the details of what to expect and make sure all your questions are answered.

Aside from wearing comfortable clothes and being well-rested to ensure you do not fall asleep during your hypnotherapy session, you do not need to do anything special to prepare for hypnosis.

Here is a general idea of what to expect during a hypnosis session:

  • We’ll discuss the entire process and revisit your treatment goals
  • You’ll be guided into a receptive, relaxed state where you’ll likely experience relaxed feelings
  • In this state, your subconscious mind will be more receptive to positive suggestions focused on your goals
  • Your hypnotherapist may help you visualise yourself moving past mental blockages or achieving your goals
  • Your hypnotherapist will properly awaken you slowly and with intention, allowing you to feel refreshed, comfortable, and ready to complete the rest of your day with confidence

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