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Life After Lockdown

Life After Lock Down Stellar Hypnotherapy Perth

As things are slowly reverting back to normal – shops are open, cafés and restaurants are open and the city is starting to be busy again. We gain a sense of security that finally we are coming out of lockdown and we survived COVID-19.

Some people go back to the way things were, some people do not; being in lockdown made us see things in a different perspective.

In my case, the lockdown has made me realize how feeble life is. We can get sick and die anytime or one of our loved ones will. There may never be a chance for us to make ourselves better, to indulge or to cherish more time with our loved ones.

Rediscovering Life Amid Lockdown

We bury ourselves with work, paying mortgage, debts and so much more that we forget this is not all there is to living. This is not how we live life. A lot of people suffer from chronic illnesses, cancer and heart problems due to excess stress and yet we continue doing it. Instead of enjoying the extra money we have worked so hard for we are spending it for our health.

We are given another chance to live our life differently. To re-evaluate things – our choices, our goals, our visions.

Being alive is a beautiful thing, enjoy it a little more. Treat yourself with a massage, travel, do the things you enjoy when you were younger, indulge because you deserve it.

If you find yourself not being able to see pass the clouds, or still chained by the past or still stressed – seek professional help. There is no point beating yourself to move forward on your own if you can’t.

Therapy is a good way to address unresolved emotions or past experiences specific to you.

How Stellar Hypnotherapy Can Help

Stellar Hypnotherapy does not believe in a band-aid approach. Resolving emotions, beliefs takes time and it’s a process to get to the core issue however once that’s resolved the symptoms will be healed naturally.

We are a practice dedicated to holistic wellness that focuses on mental health issues such as Chronic Stress, Anxiety, Depression, Insomnia, Emotional Eating and PTSD.

Hypnotherapy can enable you to enter a state of focused attention where you are more open to positive suggestions that can help you move into a more health-affirming way of being aligned with your goals.

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